Monster Deal Mortgage Rules


For all of 2021, One of Brevard’s most successful and experienced Real Estate Teams with over 500 sales totaling well over $100 Million in volume since 2015 wants to help you keep more of your hard earned money!

*Brad covers buyers first or last months mortgage payment!

Please carefully read the qualifying rules below:

**In order for buyer(s) to qualify for the first or last month’s mortgage credit, Fairman House Facts or a member of our team will need to be listed on the sales contract as buyers brokerage representative on any new construction or resale purchase contract. Our brokerage must earn a minimum of 2.5% commission of the sale. Cash buyers receive 25% of our total commission as a credit at closing. You must mention special code (WEB2021) to your House Facts agent prior to contract acceptance. Cannot be combined with any other specials or when House Facts has to pay a referral fee to a third party company like Veterans United, Homelight, USAA, Upnest etc…

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